Moscow Mansion Series

Kathryn Church Designs is delighted to introduce Moscow Mansion, a series focused on bringing you decorating inspiration from homes of all sizes here on the Palouse. Every home is a mansion, from small apartments to estates on a hill. Follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss out!

Allison's Home

Moscow Mansion visited a beautiful white farm house built in 1890 on the outskirts of Moscow, Idaho. “My kids said they are going to have an intervention of sorts because of my Goodwill/Salvation Army problem,” commented Allison as we strolled around the sprawling Victorian home. She loves to find interesting furniture and paint it white  {because white shows off the details} although her parents have forbidden her from painting anymore of the family heirlooms. It does seem that chairs and armoires are Allison’s weakness, and also maybe... too much white? But Allison begs to differ...she says she uses the white as her background palette which allows her to spice things up by changing out pillows, pictures and rugs with the seasons.

She loves everything about her old farmhouse but let’s be honest, it has come a long way since the 1890’s, although the outhouse is still in the backyard - it’s a two seater and they still use the original claw foot tub. Max and Allison bought the house in 1998 and have been remodeling ever since. Now that six of their seven children have married and moved out, they are finally getting to the upstairs bedrooms. “It had a third world boarding house feel upstairs  but now I just might let you up there to snoop around.”

Kathryn Church